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Low Stress Friends/Family Time

This is a crazy busy time of year.  It seems like there are so many really neat activities you can go to with your family and friends but a lot of them cost money.  One of our favorite ways to enjoy family and friends and save our money is to play games at home.

Super easy if you invite friends over and everyone brings a dish and their favorite beverage. You can even do a theme night for your food.

Games can vary but some of our favorites are games that young children as well as adults enjoy.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Mess with your neighbor:  Need a deck of cards and three chips or coins per person.  Everyone gets one card and they do not show their card.  You do not want to be the lowest card.  Ace low and King high.   You can trade your card with your neighbor to the left or keep you card.  Dealer trades with the deck.  Kings are flipped over and no one can trade with you.  Object of the game is to “not be the lowest card”.   Everyone flips their card and the lowest card “pays” the pot one chip or coin.  When you are out of your chips you are out of the game.

2.  Ship Captain Crew: Need Dice.  Rules:

3.  Left Right Center:  Need Dice With L, R, and C on them.  Rules:

4.  Thirty One:  Need a Deck of Cards.  This is not just a game for adults.  Rules:

5.  Spoons:  Need a deck of cards and spoons (one less than total number of people playing).  Rules:

These are just a few of the fun game that you can make an expensive evening of.

Fun Board Games:  Catch Phrase, Mad Gab, Cranium, Outburst

Do you have a game your family loves?

We would also like to know where all the good Christmas Lights are in Boise and Meridian.  Let me know if you have seen some great displays.