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Classes and Activities in Meridian and Boise

Looking for something to do this winter and spring?  It’s not too late to try something new and check out Meridian Parks and Recreation Activities and Boise Parks and Recreation Activities.  Both cities have great classes and programs available for young children, teens and adults.    The classes and activities are very reasonably priced and my family loves the opportunity to try something new.

Meridian Parks and Recreation has age appropriate spring break camps as well as art classes for children and adults.  Don’t miss an opportunity for some great adult education too.

Meridian Parks and Recreation Activity Guide

Boise Parks and Recreation has loads of activities for children and adults to try.  Everything from educational classes to pure fun with art, dancing, or softball are available.  We have enjoyed several of the spring break camps over the years.  Mountain Biking and golf were both big hits for my daughters.  They offer plenty of other spring break camps like art, drama, skating, hockey, zoology

Boise Parks and Recreation Activity Guide